Welcome to Poinciana Youth Soccer Club!

About Us:

Poinciana Youth Soccer is one of several clubs in the community of Poinciana dedicated to serving children. Youth Soccer has always been an integral part of the community within Poinciana. Poinciana Youth Soccer (PYS) has always had and will continue to strive to maintain the blessing’s of the community, and maintain a positive working relationship with many of housing associations throughout the Poinciana Community.

The specific purpose of this club is to provide a safe and prolific environment in which young people from multi-cultural backgrounds can learn, play and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. The legal structure of this club is that of a non-for-profit organization with a 501© tax status. The administrative body of the club is comprised of volunteers who give their time in the sole interest of serving our young people.

Our Philiosophies

Open Registration:

PYSC is open to all children ages 10 and older who want to register. Interest, enthusiasm, and a good attitude are the only criteria for playing.

Positive Coaching:

Winning is more than the score at the end of the game. It begins with an attitude of caring and understanding. Coaches, referees, and parents are urged to offer positive feedback and encouragement to players, rather than negative criticism.

Everyone Plays:

Our goal is for everyone to have fun playing sports. We believe each player should have ample opportunity to do so. Therefore every player on a team will play at several minutes of every game

Good Sportsmanship:

We desire to create a healthy, competitive environment based on values, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. In addtion to skill developemnt every PYSC team is designed to teach fair-play and good sportsmanship.